Since our founding in 2014, our business has been built upon our drive to build long term relationships through our diverse construction services. Like any reputable business we believe wholeheartedly that our word is our bond. This simple yet deeply sowed virtue is what drives each of our team member’s commitments to our partners. During these unprecedented times our commitment to our partners is still of the utmost importance. As we adapt to the new realities of our industry based on the impacts of this global pandemic, we are committed to leading our clients, subcontract partners and our community in the direction of health conscious practices throughout all areas of our business. We are committed to applying these health-conscious solutions to ensure the health and safety of all who are directly involved with each project our team executes.
Though we cannot all be together in a collaborative position today, we promise that our team will continue to strive to build strong and long-lasting relationships in this new reality that we are all faced with. As has been our stance since the beginning of these unprecedented times, we are steadily committed to these missions.
  • Ensure the health and welfare of all whom step foot on a Cornerstone Project Site, no matter the affects on our operation costs.
  • Commitment to Zero Harm to ensure our builds are safe and client’s businesses and buildings can continue to operate without impacts.
  • Maintaining as much of both our essential and nonessential staff to ensure smooth operations and execution of our commitments
  • Lead the interiors sector or our industry by sharing updates on municipality operations,and updates with regards supply chain management with all our industry peers.
  • Continue to support our community partners and local charities by providing resources when available.
As a business that is built on the foundation of customer service and partnership, we know that these times have been burdensome, however we are proud that both client partners, and subcontract partners have adapted to this new reality of conducting business and are certain that our team will continue to prosper during these new times. In due time we look forward to being able to collaborate in person again.
Be well and stay safe,

Safety On Our Project Site

As the industry changes, so must our adaptations to the health and welfare of all who participate on our projects. During these unprecedented times, Cornerstone realizes that defined safety protocols are key to helping ensure the slow down of the spread of COVID-19 and or any other virus or infectious disease. Since the early stages of COVID-19’s arrival here in our community, Cornerstone has worked together with its subcontract partners, and property owners to develop new policy and procedures to help protect the safety of those working on project sites as well as building occupants. This means adhering to the recommendation and guidelines set forth by the CDC, State, and local governments.
With Cornerstone already standing behind It’s Zero Harm Safety policy on all project sites, Cornerstone leadership worked quickly to adopt and implement new COVID-19 project site guidelines. These new health and safety guidelines are outlined below and will be mandated immediately to ensure our part in slowing the spread.
Project Site Superintendents will be responsible for upholding the following COVID-19 policies on all projects:
  • Ensure project site pre-entry screening for all whom enter the job site daily. Document and complete daily surveys of all person’s entering the jobsite to identify any potential risk of exposure.
  • Maintain distance. Enforce the six-foot rule as outlined by the CDC. Reduce density on jobsites by modify schedules to minimize over stacking of project personnel. Conduct Project Team meetings remotely where possible. When on site meetings are required, split meetings to reduce the total number of participants to 10 persons or less.
  • Ensure proper signage is posted at all project entry sites. We believe that knowledge is power. Thereby we are empowered to ensure that all project site guidelines are visible to all who enter and work on Cornerstone Project Sites.
  • Face Coverings are now required part of our typical PPE protocol in an effort to minimize potential risk of exposure.
  • Job site sanitizing to be conducted routinely. This includes all common areas where project staff are maneuvering to and from the site.
  • Though we are an interior specialty contractor, we understand that handwashing/hand sanitizing is one of the key practices to reducing the risk of potential spread. With this in mind, our leadership team worked quickly to source hand sanitizer to create hand sanitizing stations for all project sites.
These practical yet meaningful mandates are essential tools we will use to help do our part to ensure the health and safety of all who work on our project sites.

Mandatory Jobsite Questionnaire

As part of our contact-less efforts, our team has developed a simple interface that gives each person the ability to complete the questionnaire from the ease of their own smart phone or tablet. The information is cataloged per project for all parties involved. This elegant solution is one of the many tools we have to maintaining a safe environment for our team and the people we work with.

Communication is Key

During these unprecedented times, our team worked together with industry peers to pull together a list of resources for all types of communication. Be it CARES Act information for the general public, to daily and weekly updates with municipality operations, our team began working early on to ensure our customers and subcontract partners were well informed of the changing world around us.

Market Strong

The construction industry employs more than 10 million Americans. By adapting quickly to the new realities of our industry our team took a commonsense approach to making our jobsites as safe as possible. By developing our project site guidelines, we can keep our workers employed and providing for their families. Cornerstone is committed to continuing to develop resources that we will share with our colleagues in the interiors industry.

Our Commitment

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, our team is dedicated to the health and safety of all our project participants. It is this commitment that will ensure minimal impact to our customer’s valued projects. As always, we will remain dedicated to the notion that partnership is our foundation.

Our COVID-19 Resources

Site guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

These guidelines were created by Cornerstone's Safety Team that provides the guidance for each jobsite to ensure the health and safety of our team, partners, and the general public.
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English COVID-19 Jobsite Signage

English posters to to keep safety top-of-mind at all times

Spanish COVID-19 Jobsite Signage

English posters to to keep safety top-of-mind at all times.

COVID-19 Face-mask protocol

Our face-mask protocol required by all team members to protect themselves as well as the public
Face Covering Policy

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