Wash your hands!

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to take this opportunity on this dreary Sunday to explain the importance of what we’ve been hearing all over the media and our peers.


But why?

First, lets establish the 3 (sometimes 4) main components of a virus.

1. A nucleac acid genone (Either DNA or RNA)
2. Protein which encases the nucleic acid
3. A fatty outer layer of lipids

For example, our friend, COVID-19:


The white layer you see above is that fatty layer of lipids also known as the “lipid bilayer envelope

So how does soap work?

The technical term for soap is a “surfactant” that is made up of fat-like compounds called “amphiphiles”. – Say what?


The Amphiphiles contain a Hydrophilic heads and a Hydrophobic tail which means one side is attracted to water and the other is repelled by water.

The Hydrophobic side or side that’s repelled by water is attracted to dirt, grime, and in this case, a virus.  See below for a nice little illustration I found at Harvard.edu.

Specific to a virus, soap binds to that lipid bilayer envelope and breaks it’s connection from your hands. BUT it’s only possible with the “vigorous scrubbing” everyone keeps talking about. Add in a superfluous amount of running water, and you can say, “Bye Bye COVID-19”.

So kids there you have it. Wash your hands! I’ll leave you with this lovely graphic to help you effectively wash your hands for the full 20 seconds.

Sources applied throughout the post where applicable. 

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