Digital Permitting Procedures

I wanted to go ahead and pass two updates to those that have been asking this week about City of Atlanta Permitting Procedures. As you know, the city has been diligently working on new means and methods for permit submissions. An update was published late this afternoon by the City of Atlanta Department of City Planning.

Additionally,  we currently have four firms set up for third party inspections. Of these only 1 company we have spoken with listed has their approvals from the City in regards to being an approved Third Party inspector at this time. The others have submitted their paper work and are awaiting formal approval.

1. Salas O’brien
2. Bennett & Pless
3. Safe Built
4. ECS
5. Nova

Note pricing varies among the different firms and different types of inspections.

All firms we have spoken have initiated a service agreement with our team and all seem to be responsive.

You can find the full document here for a detailed overview of the process.

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