3/21/2020 City of Atlanta operations update

The City of Atlanta released a new document regarding their Operational Status yesterday.

The following public meetings are now cancelled

  • Tree Conservation Commission
  • Boards of Zoning Appeals
  • Urban Design Commission
  • Zoning Review Board

The city is moving their operations for electronic submission, routing, review and approval as quickly as possible.

***Submissions of new plans is temporarily suspended for all offices.***

Online Permitting Options
As a reminder, the following applications can be applied for today in Accela Citizens Access, by email,
or over the phone. All applications are available online and can be filled out digitally. City email can
accept files up to 25MB. We’re looking into other options to accommodate larger files

Via Accela Citizens Access

• Arborist: Dead, Dying or Hazardous, Complaint
• Building Code Complaints
• Trades (MEP)
• Fire Sprinkler (with mailed-in plans)
• Temporary Noise Variance
• Concept Review Committee

Via Email

Arborist Complaints and Illegal Activity
Arborist appeals
Requests for Addresses
Zoning Verification Letters

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