Revised COVID-19 Action Plan

ATTN: Cornerstone Team and our Subcontractor Partners

See the following for our new revisions to our COVID-19 Action Plan. These new policy updates are effective immediately.

1. All non-essential (non-project related staff) employees may utilize our remote services and work from home if desired. Please be mindful of maintaining “at home” office hours similar to your typical schedule so that essential project staff may continue to utilize you as a resource. If you are in the office, you are expected to maintain the 6ft distance from other personnel.

> If you feel that reporting to your workplace (field or office) is placing you into an unsafe environment, please get with either your direct/executive manager, or the COVID-19 management team for a plan of action.

2. All at risk personnel (anyone over the age of 60 or a heavy smokers) have been asked to remain at home for a minimum of 72 Hours. You will continue to be paid for this time.

3. All jobsite/pre-bid site walks will be limited to only (1) CCG Employee per walk through.

4. Effective immediately, if you have any symptoms whatsoever, (achy, cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc.) DO NOT COME TO WORK. Please visit your personal health care provider immediately. Provide notice to your direct manager if you will not be coming to work immediately. CCG will continue to pay 100% of your salary during this time to ensure both safety for yourself, and the company as a whole.

> If you see a healthcare professional. Please provide both your direct and executive manager written documentation (i.e. a doctor’s note) of the visit, and their advice/plan of action.
> Written documentation must be provided for CCG to continue to pay you without utilizing your PTO. Additionally, this information is required to continue to allow CCG’s COVID-19 team, access to the most recent information in order to maintain the operational decision-making process.

5. CCG will limit the number of personnel on all jobsites to no more 10 workers including the superintendent.

6. At the superintendent’s discretion, he/she may allow only 1 trade at a time to be working on the jobsite. This decision will need to be confirmed/communicated with the following:

> Project manager, general superintendent, construction manager (if applicable), tenant representative (if applicable), and subcontract partners impacted
> The project manager will be responsible for providing the formal communication to all applicable parties (via email/memo communication) of the finalized decision.

7. If you have a concern about someone on your jobsite exhibiting symptoms or not maintaining proper hygiene/cleanliness reach out to your project manager, and the COVID-19 Team for a detailed plan of action.

> Your project manager, and/or COVID-19 Team will be responsible for any jobsite shut-down decisions
> A deep cleaning/fogging/disinfecting of the jobsite can be scheduled pending approval from the COVID-19 Team, and appropriate project staff (PM and Superintendent)

8. We ask that all employees refrain from discussing unofficial information (medical information, personnel information, rumors, etc.) among your peers and our subcontract partners. Any new information you may receive, please direct it to our COVID-19 management team.

> If subcontractors are looking for information either direct them to the COVID-19 management team listed above, or to our website.
> If you receive any OFFICIAL information, whether it be from a government entity, the CCG COVID-19 Team, or any other legitimate source, feel free to forward it to any/all applicable parties

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